for 2020

Despite all the brouhaha over Apple changing the world, fact remains, Apple brilliantly innovated devices in an existing category, rather than inventing a totally new one. Take for instance the iPod. A portable MP3 music player was already in existence when Apple decided to create a better user experience by creating a built-in music store (iTunes) where users could legally download songs & create their own play-lists.

As the Apple analogy demonstrates, localisation & personalisation is a potent tool to create value. That's what made Apple a brand and that's what will make every brand in the future. Even in cases where your core brand idea is sorted out, you'll need to adapt it to the digital world. This adaptation is something which a plethora of brands fail at and by corollary, fail to create a worldwide impact. Our 'Branding for Dubai 2020' helps your brand adapt to the fast-changing dynamics of the digital world – a world that no serious brand owner can afford to overlook.

Sure to boost any marketer’s confidence, LEADS for 2020 entails in-detail work on many digital fronts.

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