for 2020

Circa 1994 – 30-year-old Wall Street wolf Jeff Bezos has just decided to quit his job & start an Internet company! For, Internet usage was growing at a staggering 2800%. Bezos felt that when the numbers are so strong, they can’t be a mere co-incidence or fluke and there’s got to be more to it. Thus was born Amazon, the most successful e-commerce companies!.

Taking the Amazon analogy ahead, is there any need to reiterate the power of numbers & why you just can't afford to ignore them? What's more? In harnessing the power of the Internet, there's no geographical restriction. And, every fledgling market has its own advantages which should be used to our own advantage. Our 'e-Commerce for 2020' enhances your brand's journey as it crosses over from Dubai - the global trading hub - to the rest of the wide wide world tucked away in that single world - Internet!

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