for 2020

The story of how Alibaba came up with the then unprecedented idea of holding an annual SINGLE’s DAY sale that (in 2015) went on to create history, is now safely ensconced in e-commerce folklore. The oft-overlooked lesson that the Alibaba story imparts is the potency of promotion, that pivotal fourth 'P' in the heady concoction of 4 Ps of marketing (the other 3 being price, product & place) in the marketing mix can hardly be exaggerated.

As a cursory glance at Alibaba'll tell us, the success of their promotion stems from the fact that they've created a property – in their case the annual SINGLE’s DAY sale – which further benefits from the 'no-boundaries' rider that all online promotion properties come with.

There’s no doubt that there’s no stopping a well planned & exciting promotion campaign, and the fact that it takes your brand right into your consumers' hearts. Drawing from the Alibaba analogy, and from Flipkart in India, our 'Promotions for 2020' attempts to harness the power of online platforms by devising clutter-breaking promotional plans.

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