In 2016, 73% of all internet traffic was for video. And, it is estimated to rise to 82% by 2021. Reaching out to even a fraction of Youtube’s user base can increase your brand visibility multifold.


But that’s not the only reason to start your Youtube channel. If your channel becomes very popular, you can earn a few dollars of advertising revenues for every thousand views your videos get. India’s top Youtube channels which get multi-million video views through their combined subscriber base of more than 20 crores, are estimated to be annually earning an astounding ₹2,728 crores through Youtube advertising.


There’s no doubt that, running your Youtube channel is not just a great marketing activity, but also a huge business opportunity.


For your brand, we would be happy to come up with video ideas that are not just about marketing, but are also a central part of your online income strategy. Please reply to this email with the date & time convenient to you and we will be happy to meet you.