Social media has brought about a revolution in our lives and has changed how we communicate with other people. It is not just about turning handwritten letters into electronic letters of email. It is much more than that. Social media has become a very successful and revenue-generating platform in today’s world. With almost everyone on the planet being a part of it, social media is your new destination to get famous or take your local brand global. 

But how can you get famous on social media platforms? Be it your account through which you want to establish yourself as an influencer or through which you want to promote or sell products, your reach on social media is the most critical determinant of your success.

Using video for social media has become a very lucrative and interactive way of communicating ideas and messages in recent years. Let us have a look at why you should keep posting more videos on social media to boost your popularity:

How Videos can Boost Your Popularity on Social Media

Grab Attention

Social media Video is one of the most interactive formats of communication. Everyone would like to watch a live video on using a product rather than reading a mundane textual description. By nature, human beings are stimulated more by audiovisual cues, and videos are the exact way to take advantage of the same and use it wisely for marketing. Videos attract viewers’ attention, and they quickly consume the information transmitted through a video. So, if you are trying to market your product or service, a great way to seek the audience’s attention would be to use a social media video that explains how to use the product or the benefits of the product or service to consumers. For example, if you are an influencer, social media videos and reels are a great way to stay connected and establish a real-time bond with your followers.

Search Optimisation

Usually, the term search optimization is related to textual content that is modified in various ways to enhance the page’s organic reach such that it ranks high on any search engine platform. While using a video for social media has not been the conventional approach for search optimization, it is becoming quite trendy these days. Search Engine Optimisation is not limited to only the websites. So if you want to stay on the trending or popular list, you have to keep posting videos rich in content, cater to what the audience wants, and most importantly, keep you connected with the audience in the best way. Also, popular platforms like youtube and Twitter (also Instagram) keep on offering analytics to let you know about the performance of your videos only. That is a great way to get started.

Unique Messaging

When we talk about communication or message exchange, it is usually only the text format, along with emojis and stickers, that we typically think of. But a social media video is also a compelling way of communicating and conveying your message. With videos, your audience can look at your gestures and how you talk. If you are selling any product, the audience will see how the product works through videos. Videos are more effective than text or any other medium for communicating your messages. So, using videos for social media is an excellent way to make your posts more engaging. Videos have a conversational tone that most people find easier to connect with. You can post your own brand story or provide a few glimpses of your work through videos.

Drive Conversions

Social media videos are an excellent tool to drive traffic and conversions for your brand. With attractive and seamless videos, you can easily witness a rise in sales. Videos for social media are a fantastic strategy to drive conversions and enhance brand awareness. In the contemporary digital marketing world, videos are critical for promoting a brand or any product among users. With videos for social media, you can convince the visitors to become potential leads. This is simply because you can grab so much more attention with social media videos than anything else. From landing pages to new discount offers, videos are the best way to generate leads and drive conversions by escalating the sales figure of your brand. So we can aptly say, happy business with video marketing. Almost 83 percent of video marketers have agreed on the fact that posting more videos has enhanced lead generation. 

Brand Exposure

Many customers have accepted that they have been convinced to buy a product by watching the social media videos of the brand. Videos for social media can clearly define the specs of the products and are extremely useful in helping people solve the dilemma of whether they want to purchase a product or not. Many people will come to know about your brand and will buy products through social media videos. With appropriate video marketing put to use, one can establish a brand and retain a vast customer base. Marketers today have numerous types of social media videos for enhancing brand awareness. 87% of video marketers say that video has amplified the traffic flow to their website. 

From educational videos to promotional videos, all of them can help escalate the popularity of the brands and ultimately pave the way for lead generation. 

Personify Your Business

Videos for social media can humanize your brand. Establishing real and meaningful human relationships is easily achievable with the help of videos for social media. This is also a very significant benefit of using social media as a platform for promoting your business. With creatively made videos for social media,  your followers will be able to recognize your brand and connect with your brand. Through insightful social media videos, your brand can become much more than just a seller-buyer platform. Social media Videos also help establish authenticity and trust that can drive marketing receptiveness. Showcase your brand values, ideas, and goals for starting a new brand through the videos for social media and make your customers your extended family. 

Make the Most of Trending Topics

Everyone loves to know more about trending topics. To increase brand visibility, trending topics are the best to create social media videos on. For example, suppose you have a brand on skincare, and you are launching a product. Since the Korean beauty regime is one of the most trending topics in the beauty domain, you can connect your social media videos with K-Beauty. This way, your videos will align to the trending topics and receive higher views. With a more significant number of views, your brand story will reach a more substantial number of people, ultimately facilitating the audience’s conversion into customers. 

Video Communicates a Story 

Just as we are addicted to films, and they have a story to speak, not through words but videos, similar videos for social media have a story to tell. It can establish your brand as much more than eCommerce. For example, if your brand is based on food and recipes, you can convey beautiful messages through intelligent videos about your brand. For example, you can create social media videos on how your brand plans and manages to alleviate food wastage or how you are trying to restore age-old lost recipes. So, it no longer remains just a platform for food and recipes; the brand becomes a goal drive pathway for achieving some objectives that have a moral, emotional ground to it, something that your customers will connect to with their souls. This is how all the big brands have stood tall to date. It is often not just about selling products; it is about selling ideas and popularising ideas whose results will be connected to buying products. 

Posting a video for social media, whether short or long, is a unique way to communicate to your audience. Social media videos effectively engage the audience and attract them to your profile or pages. You can cut a long story short and provide some worthy and crisp insights into the main message with videos. 

Posting more social media videos will enhance your:

  • page’s reach, 
  • engage more customers, and 
  • increase your sales and revenues. 

Thus, social media videos have become indispensable tools for businesses in these competitive times. Almost 80 percent of video marketers say that videos have helped to increase their overall sales quotient. 

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