More than 1 billion hours of videos are watched on YouTube every day and there are 3 major trends that were visible in 2018.

Trend 1 – Views of videos showcasing ‘experiences’ doubled

GenZers, who now make for a huge percentage of target audience, value experiences over possessions. The number of views of videos showcasing ‘experiences’ doubled in 2018 and the savviest of the marketers adapted to this shift by selling lifestyles rather than products. A great case in point is Ikea’s Home Tour Makeovers – a YouTube channel showing how to transform your bedroom, living room, laundry room and just about everything.

Trend 2 – YouTube influencers were extremely popular

With so many options to buy, consumers clearly felt overwhelmed and turned to YouTube for advice and help to narrow down on choices. More than 60% of shoppers said digital videos gave them ideas & inspirations for their purchases. Unsurprisingly, the video watch time for videos related to ‘routine’ doubled YoY. An example is the huge popularity of this Morning Makeup Video

Trend 3 – Rise of video buddies

Many YouTube users are actually looking for social experience and want to interact with others. A survey revealed that 70% of GenZers say watching videos with others makes them feel connected. And there have been plenty of videos that encourage viewers to do something – study, clean or read along with YouTuber and other followers such as this video in which the YouTuber is encouraging her followers to clean-up at the same time as her.

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