Brands have a big place on Youtube, provided they create compelling and original content that appeals to and attracts the 1.57 billion strong audience. There are millions of brands on Youtube, but not all cultivate a presence around original content.


While industries such as TV Broadcasting, Studios and Music Labels have huge fan following, these companies use their Youtube channel as a just repository for their content be it trailers, songs & TV series.


On the other hand, there are brands that have built a unique experience on Youtube by creating compelling & original content. So here we bring you the top 3 brands that are killing it on Youtube:

    1. GoPro (58,70,729 Subscribers) – Showcases epic footage of adventure sports such as extreme cycling, human flight etc. shot by professional athletes
    1. Business Insider (8,51,149 Subscribers) – Their animated videos on topics such as Cars Insider, Explainers, Style Tips For The Business World are entertaining with messages to the point
  1. Hubspot (53,398 Subscribers) – Offers a variety of videos from explainers, to interviews, to keynotes that appeal to every type of marketing professional


As you see, Youtube is all about creating compelling stories that resonate with the target audiences. For your brand, we did be happy to come up with video ideas that your target audience would absolutely love. Please reply to this email with the date & time convenient to you and we will be happy to meet you.