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Have You Googled Hydroxychloroquine?

Did you know that in 2018, the world had an estimated 228 million cases of malaria? That’s 91 times the number of coronavirus cases that the world currently has. Isn’t it surprising that hardly anyone in the world knew about hydroxychloroquine? If we apply brain science, this phenomenon doesn’t surprise us at all. That’s because no one believes in ‘digging the well before you’re thirsty’. And this is the exact trap that we are finding all Indian pharmaceutical companies in.

Go Corona: Go Digital

In the wake of CoronaVirus every business is floundering and trying to find different solutions. How to survive now and the aftermath ?

If your business is already digitally enabled, today you can see how important for your business to be online. Many of our clients have opted for digital transformation of their business few years back and now they are ripping the benefits of it. Few of them were doing as low as 15% of their turnover and few are as high as 75%. Not only product companies but also the service companies are benefiting from it.


C Com Digital makes it big at the 10th IAMAI India Digital Awards, wins the prize for digital campaign #WhySufferSilently

Mumbai, 11th Feb 2020: In an outstanding achievement, C Com Digital, the popular digital agency based out of Mumbai has made it big at the prestigious 10th IAMAI India Digital Awards under the ‘Best Digital Integrated Campaign’ category of 2020, for its immensely popular campaign #WhySufferSilently. The campaign, on behalf of Blue Cross Laboratories, aimed to break the myths and taboo around intense period pain medically known as Dysmenorrhea commonly seen in young adolescent girls and women, was to educate them on the necessity of seeking medical help, has got an overwhelming response from the netizens. The award ceremony was held at the India Digital Summit on 5-6 February 2020, at The Lalit, New Delhi.


“OK Google, find me the cheapest flight between Mumbai and Bengaluru.”

“OK Google, find me the cheapest flight between Mumbai and Bengaluru.”

“OK Google, find me trains between Bengaluru and Mysore.”

“OK Google, find me a KTDC guest house in Mysore.”

“OK Google, find me a taxi service in Mysore.”

“OK Google, how much time it takes from Mysore to Hampi?”

This is how a 65 year old lady planned for her trip to Bengaluru, Mysore and Hampi.


The World of Voice Search, Voice Assistants & Voice Commands

Voice search has moved beyond being merely a fad. It has passed the stage of early adopters and has also made voice assistant devices like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home some of the best selling products of all time on platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. Even books written on these devices have become best sellers! If you don’t believe us, just search ‘Alexa’ on and you’ll find ‘Google Home Ultimate Guide’ as Best Seller in the search results. 

From scratch to pinnacle- Chandan Bagwe takes C Com Digital to glory

From scratch to pinnacle- Chandan Bagwe takes C Com Digital to glory

A man of clear vision and focus Chandan Bagwe is a believer of actions backing words. No wonder, his brainchild- C Com Digital, the leading techno digital marketing agency of Mumbai follows the same visions. Now well-ahead of its competitors, the company has successfully carved a strong niche for itself, riding on its powerful AI based platform and providing wholesome digital branding to its clients.