Indian pharma companies believe that first impressions are the most lasting impressions. That’s why from the dress code of their on-field sales force to the visual aids that the sales force carries, the Indian pharma companies have been very particular about every aspect so as to deliver the correct impression to doctors, consultants and researchers.

But when it comes to their digital assets i.e. website, the Indian pharma companies surprisingly believe in another age old English proverb, ‘Clothes do not make the man’. It means that a person’s character can’t be judged by his outward appearance. And with this ironical belief, an overwhelming majority of Indian pharma companies don’t have impressive websites. As a digital transformation agency, we certainly don’t believe in judging a book by its cover. We are saying this after researching the websites of the top 100 pharma companies in India. When you compare the websites of pharma companies with the websites of companies in any other industries, the pharma companies comprehensively lose the race. If you don’t believe in our analysis, we encourage you to compare the website of a pharmaceutical company that comprises the BSE Sensex Index with the website of BSE Sensex companies from the IT sector such as Infosys, L&T, or companies from manufacturing such as Tata Steel and, Mahindra & Mahindra. We are sure you would agree with our analysis.

This neglect could be because the pharma industry has always believed in their tried & tested formula of marketing, and the formula doesn’t feature a website. But then, we aren’t even talking about marketing. We are only talking about delivering the correct impression to anyone who visits your website – be it a potential trade partner, a client, a sales prospect, an international supplier, an investor or a job seeker. By developing impressive digital assets i.e. corporate websites, product websites, brand websites or mobile apps, Indian pharma companies will only demonstrate the consistency in their belief that first impressions are the most lasting impressions.

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