Everyone is aware about the potential of videos to tell a great brand story. But, how do you create a video that not tells a great story but also drives real business results? Here are the three things one must do for effective funnel video marketing.

1 – Grab attention and educate through humour

So many companies are doing the same before-and-after videos, testimonials videos and product demo videos that one needs to break through this noise to get noticed and help viewers learn about your products & services. Humour is great way to grab this attention simply because the two main reasons people log onto YouTube are to get entertained and to learn something new. It’s no rocket science that a video campaign that blends learning & humour would be effective, as it did for Nerd Skin Care Brand.

2 – Make it easy for viewers to become customers

An inspiring story does great wonders for brand awareness. But, it would be purely magical if the story also convinces people to also buy your product or service. One simple way to do this is by introducing product information and links, throughout the video, which customers can click and buy your product or service. Ikea did this greatly in its Home Tour Makeover Videos and so did this video from the popular deodorant brand PiperWai.

3 – Do A/B testing

There’s no guarantee that a specific video will always work. So testing is the only way you can make sure you reach your goal. Shooting the video in modular formats is a great way to do creative experiment with your videos. If one cut doesn’t give the desired results, you can always use another cut of the video.

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