A man of clear vision and focus Chandan Bagwe is a believer of actions backing words. No wonder, his brainchild- C Com Digital, the leading techno digital marketing agency of Mumbai follows the same visions. Now well-ahead of its competitors, the company has successfully carved a strong niche for itself, riding on its powerful AI based platform and providing wholesome digital branding to its clients.

Chandan Bagwe, Founder, C Com Digital

“We feel AI is the factor that will distinguish good digital marketing from the mundane.”- Chandan Bagwe

Chandan founded C Com Digital in 1999 and it took him just two decades to reach the pinnacle, braving all odds on its way. An engineering graduate with a master’s degree in computer science from the United States, he had been a true guiding light, relying on cutting edge technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), to make his company India’s first digital marketing agency with a proprietary AI-powered platform.

“AI is our DNA, We build brands with AI. I created C Com Digital aiming towards a combination of technology and AI with my background Computer Science with a specialization in AI from California State University. There have been several contemporaries that appeared but the company ceased to exist due to its true AI involvement supported by digital influencer marketing” Chandan further added.

Under his able leadership, crucial entrepreneurship skills, right investments on trendiest smart technology, C Com Digital has not only gained a strong foothold but has expanded with stronger footprints. This is what has taken the agency to its height, while the competitors are still struggling to survive amidst rapidly evolving marketing trends.

“Our biggest challenge was breaking away from the clutter since digital agencies began mushrooming in 2007,” Chandan stated.

When digital agencies started cluttering the marketing space since 2007, Chandan took the challenge to stay prominent with his firm focus and belief on building proprietary technology alongside marketing, despite chances of being acquired by the market leaders. His visions paid off, as his digital agency is now successfully catering to both B2B and B2C clients and avoiding the overshadows of digital giants like Google and Facebook. The company creates meaningful and unique digital content in terms of videos, blogs, and EDMs for digital marketing campaigns along with digital advertising, and builds websites, mobile apps, e-commerce stores and other digital assets for clients. It offers all digital marketing solutions under the same roof, through its Digital PR and Event expertise, alongside combining digital and creative branding with corporate collaterals, branding, and digital positioning.

The reputed digital marketing agency successfully caters to a wide variety of industries- ranging from auto manufacturing, engineering, retail and FMCG, finance & banking, pharmaceuticals, healthcare to media and publishing, lifestyle, fashion, and luxury. Its clientele includes corporate giants and big media houses like Edelweiss, Tata Interactive Services, Southern Health Foods Pvt Ltd. (Manna), Asian Heart Institute, Times Now, Zoom and many more.

C Com Digital Team

Chandan believes that the future of branding and digital marketing will be actively governed and enhanced by evolving technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT)Big Data and Data Analytics alongside AI, thereby transforming areas like research analysis, consumer mapping, designs, and social media marketing.

Going by Chandan’s focus, C Com Digital aims to be the next big thing in the digital marketing arena, riding on its powerful realtime insights of customers and campaigns. C Com Digital has used technology efficiently to help companies successfully reduce market time, elevate ROI, escalating revenue levels and thus achieve 200% growth so far. Alongside this, it has also got the able support of a great team of online influencers and advertising partners. Riding on these, the company has now expanded well in Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad, Pune and is also extending services to overseas clients in Singapore, Dubai, and the USA.

Milestones, accolades, and awards have followed too, besides this remarkable journey of growth and expansion. Chandan has bagged for his company, the Agency of the Year 2019 (Gold)- Content Marketing at the Indian Agency Awards, reached the milestone of an award-winning campaign for Times Now- NRI of the Year and has achieved grand success in the Happy Heart India campaign for Asian Heart Institute too.

But no matter how far he has traveled from where he started, Chandan still believes that sustenance is a priority over running extra miles without preparations. As he targets to take C Com Digital to an even bigger height, he sincerely relies on four strong pillars of successful entrepreneurship- belief, focus, planning, and expansion. He also puts an immense priority on keeping thoughts in sync with action before deciding to expand. The same is his advice to the new generation entrepreneurs.