In the wake of CoronaVirus every business is floundering and trying to find different solutions. How to survive now and the aftermath ?

If your business is already digitally enabled, today you can see how important for your business to be online. Many of our clients have opted for digital transformation of their business few years back and now they are ripping the benefits of it. Few of them were doing as low as 15% of their turnover and few are as high as 75%. Not only product companies but also the service companies are benefiting from it.

In Today’s situation how can your business cope up to the Corona Challenge

1) E-Commerce: Is your business E-Commerce Enabled?

The decision was made in an inter-ministerial meeting held on Friday 20th March 20. The department has advised state governments and local administration to exempt ecommerce operations. The ministry of consumer affairs had earlier directed ecommerce companies to maintain proper hygiene.As the country prepared for Janata Curfew proposed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for Sunday, March 22, the government has noted that e-commerce is part of essential services in India. The secretary of the department of consumer affairs in a note on March 20 (Friday) said that ecommerce operations are exempt from prohibitory orders amid coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. However, the department has noted that ecommerce companies and delivery partners are required to maintain proper hygiene and sanitation in their facilities, and vehicles, they may be regularly inspected and disinfected.

Do you have a product that can be sold online, then make all efforts to take your product online by means of your own e-commerce website or any online shopping marketplaces such as Amazon and Flipkart

2) Mobile App: Do you have a Mobile App ?

If you are in the service industry like Banking, Media, Insurance, Gaming, Online payments, News, Food delivery, Restaurants, Hotel, Travel and Tourism, Advertising etc ? The coronavirus has been a wakeup call for everyone in the world. After the tide is over there is going to be huge demand for these services. How will you cope up with such demand ? Do you have a business app ? Customers are ordering food online. With more and more companies promoting work-from-home culture due to the rapid spread of coronavirus (Covid-19), a 20 per cent increase in viewership across several over-the-top (OTT) platforms has been observed. It is resulting in increase in TV and OTT marketing Ads spent.

Are you in the education industry ?

Today all schools, colleges, universities, institutes, classes are shut. Are you going to shut your organization or are you going to learn from the situation and improve on the service delivery. Few classes and institutes already have apps where they are continuing their services through their mobile applications.

Robomate+ (Robomate Plus) is the world’s largest curriculum based exam preparation app for students by Mahesh Tutorials

Viacom18’s Voot’s subscription-led platform Voot Select, which was launched in the beginning of this month, has also observed a significant increase in demand for subscription. Hungama Digital Media, said, “We have seen over 20 per cent jump in streaming numbers on Hungama Play between March 1 and March 16. These numbers are expected to rise as Indians start practising social distancing and turn to the digital medium to make up for lack of social interactions.” Zee5 observed a significant jump in consumption on connected devices, a channel spokesperson said that this could be attributed to people working from home in the past week.

See what Apollo Hospital did. Apollo Hospital is offering a quick self-assessment online test, driven by #AI to know your current risk level. To perform this test just click the link below.

Today many business employees are working from homes without much hassle as they have taken all their daily businesses online. There are thousands of apps that provides business solutions such as Online Finance and Accounting Systems, Customer Relationship Management, Human Resource Management, ERP solutions, Online Chat, Project Management Solutions, Collaborative Working Environments, Cloud Storage, Communication Solutions etc.

Everyone will suffer and those who can must find ways of ensure that both staff and customers are well supported in this difficult time.

3) Videos: Are your Sales people effective in selling ?

In fact today all your sales staff is working from home. Then who is selling. It’s a hard reality.

Are you from a pharma industry ?

Your MRs could have sent a videos to your doctors over whatsapp ? Or just a youtube link with explainer videos

Video are popular. It’s most easy-to-digest medium than reading textual information. We say, if pictures speaks thousand words, Videos speaks billions. That’s why the world watches 1 billion hours of YouTube social video per day.

Everyone love videos (Over text), Video Boosts Conversions, Sales and Great ROI, Video Builds Trust, Video consumption is more on Mobile, It is easier to explain, Video Encourages Social Shares.

At a time when medicos and health organisations across the world are pushing people to wash their hands with soap and water frequently to prevent contracting COVID-19, Dettol had been airing an advertisement that preaches soap bars are ineffective in killing illness-causing germs. The company that manufactures Dettol handwash – Reckitt Benckiser (India) Pvt Ltd – informed the Bombay High Court on March 23 that it will suspend the said advertisement for one month.