Over the most recent ten years, the digital landscape has changed fundamentally. Individuals are progressively eliminating laptops and desktops to search the web and communicate with content. Instead, they are using their cell phones and tablets.

Also, digital innovation is less expensive today than it has been. There are no limits on how, when, and where individuals can interact with content. In that capacity, the landscape of content marketing has changed, too. Today, content possibly succeeds if it conveys what customers need and when and how they need it.

Luckily, it’s not difficult to stay aware of the changing landscape when you put resources into the state-of-the-art types of content, for example, video marketing. In this fast-paced world, video marketing is one of only a handful of distinctive online content that offers the benefit, relevance, and adaptability consumers need.

So, here we have everything you need to know about video marketing, how video marketing for FMCG brands is effective, and why it’s being hailed as the future of content.

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is the usage of videos to advance your business, services, and products to your target audience. Also, video marketing can be utilized to expand your client base by giving them significant data in an engaging, intelligent way.

Today, proficient videos are tracked on sites, web-based entertainment platforms, web blogs, and a few other video channels. Likewise, videos are a critical need for advertisers, and video content can be introduced in a wide range of styles of video, including:

How is Online Video Marketing effective?

Online Video Marketing for FMCG brands brings several advantages to the business in terms of engagement, brand recognition, and brand visibility on the web. Here are the reasons why online video marketing for FMCG brands is effective;

  • Consumers prefer videos to reading text.

    There’s an explanation why significant web search engines like Google and Yahoo! presently place videos at the highest point of the page following a search inquiry. This is on the grounds that half of the Internet users like to watch videos about an organization, service, or product before buying a service or product.

    Furthermore, video content draws in more traffic than different types of content marketing. These two stats show that shoppers are observing more videos than any other time, and it’s anything but a pattern — video marketing will keep seeing quick development as customer interest for video content ascents.

  • Video marketing increases your ROI

    In 2020, practically 90% of advertisers had a higher ROI because of video marketing. Today, advertisers acknowledge the significance of video marketing and better comprehend what video marketing is and how best to use it as a component of their digital marketing system.

    Earlier, videos didn’t necessarily contact their target group since organizations and advertisers were figuring out how best to introduce their videos and on what channels. But, presently, wise advertisers realize that videos on a site increase organic search traffic by 157%.

    Also, videos via web-based entertainment platforms can be effectively imparted to other people, expanding your reach with any different use. Effective SEO and video marketing are a huge part of a site’s ranking, and both draw in new expected clients and potential customers.

    What’s more, like SEO, you need to guarantee that video marketing is performed expertly by a marketing group with the experience of getting a good deal on your financial marketing plan while expanding your return on investment.

  • Videos play a large part in the decision-making process

    Consumers effectively look for videos about the products and services they are looking for. Videos serve to illuminate shoppers and make an enduring relationship with your target market that impacts their purchase choices and attracts them to a particular brand.

    Studies show that 90% of advertisers and marketers have effectively converted leads by means of videos introduced via social media. More than 60% of shoppers likewise agree that watching marketing videos on Facebook, YouTube, and different channels has emphatically impacted their purchase choices.

    Online Video Marketing for FMCG brands brings in new customers with solid purchase decisions. Video marketing achievement likewise turns out as expected for B2B organizations. Over 60% of purchasing managers and executives of companies explore a site after watching a YouTube demo or organization video.

  • Increases your online presence and strengthens your brand

    Most importantly, video marketing effectively works on your online visibility and thus increases brand awareness among the audience. In the present highly-competitive online commercial market, this is an essential move toward guaranteeing clients think that you are first before they track down a contender.

    Videos make your content more captivating to the shopper and assist your business with associating with your crowd. Videos can illuminate, teach, enlighten, and engage the client — and they’ll recollect videos more distinctively than messages on a site page or in an email.

  • Builds trust and establish yourself as an authority

    Videos help to impart a feeling of confidence in the shopper. By introducing proficient, educational videos to your crowd, the shopper considers you and your organization a hotspot for reliable data, products, and services. This further improves brand awareness and furthermore assists you with interacting with your crowd on a more personal level.

  • Increases sales

    Through solid brand awareness, expanded engagement with your crowd, and higher site rankings, you’ll drive more traffic to your site and transform more leads into new clients. Add a product video to your presentation page, and you can increase conversions by almost 80%.

    That is precisely how compelling video marketing truly is—all of the above amounts to an expansion in income for FMCG brands. Higher sales are what Online video marketing for FMCG brands can get.

  • Search engines love videos.

    Having videos on your site improves your search ranking on Google. Furthermore, having videos accessible on different channels like YouTube, Instagram, and web-based entertainment platforms additionally drives more traffic to your website.

    Videos are highlighted vigorously in organic search results. This itself is a strong reason why you should focus more of your resources on videos.

  • Appealing to mobile users

    An increasing number of customers are using cell phones to look for products and services. In that capacity, they are watching a ton of videos on those cell phones — as a matter of fact, mobile video views have risen by more than 200% throughout the past ten years. That is a developing customer base for your business.

The Wrap-Up

Considering the highly competitive online market of 2022, effective online video marketing for FMCG brands can bring in new advantages that can propel their business growth. Video marketing in 2022 is not a decision — it’s a need. 

It’s reasonable, powerful, and is used by organizations on a steadily expanding scale in all ventures. That implies that if you’re excluding video marketing as your very own online marketing technique, you risk falling a long way behind the competition.

With proficient video marketing available, you can keep up with and increase your edge over your rivals. CCom Digital is the right place to get the best and most effective video marketing for your brand! We at CCom Digital strive to serve every client with advanced marketing practices to propel their growth to new heights.