When the coronavirus pandemic started spreading in India, the Indian healthcare workers must have had their apprehensions on being deployed on the frontline. But then the call of duty has been paramount to them and they have humbled the country with their yeoman service. 

And as the entire country, from the wealthiest businessmen to the poorest citizens, clapped and cheered for the corona warriors, we found the Indian pharmaceutical companies strangely missing out. It’s not that they were not contributing in the fight against coronavirus. By ensuring continuity of manufacturing and distribution of medicines across the length & breadth of the country, the Indian pharmaceutical companies have been the unsung heroes in this fight against coronavirus. We are sure many pharmaceutical companies would also have contributed to the PM-CARES fund while many more companies have responded in many other ways by splendidly rising to the occasion.

But none of the top 100 Indian pharmaceutical companies, barring two or three, have showcased their Covid-19 response on their website. For instance, on Abbott’s US website, their main feature story reads: 

‘Our contributions to the Covid-19 response – We’re developing technologies, expanding access and sharing resources as part of our efforts to limit the coronavirus’. Website visitors interested in knowing more can do so by clicking the ‘learn more’ button.

Sharing of this information reinforces the confidence – as a consumer, as an employment seeker or as an investor. Yes, many Indian pharmaceutical companies did come out with thank you videos aimed at the doctors. But then, there were a million customers who would have been worried about their stocks of medicines running out. Sensing a shift of supply chain from China to India, many retail investors would have been on the lookout of Indian pharma companies that are set to gain business. Job seekers, visiting the career sections, would have been excited to know how the pharma companies are taking care of the health & safety of their employees. And, we didn’t find Indian pharmaceutical companies responding to these.

This again, in our opinion, was a great opportunity in brand building that the Indian pharmaceutical companies failed to capitalise on. The reason – Indian pharmaceutical companies have never taken a ‘Digital first’ approach. Digital assets such as websites have been secondary in the list of marketing activities. But the coronavirus pandemic has surely changed this view and many Indian pharmaceutical companies must have realised the need to relook at their digital strategy.

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