With the advancement of various artificial intelligence tools and techniques, there is enhanced usage of AI in digital marketing. Marketers can now use AI-powered tools to strengthen their digital marketing strategies and gain critical customer insights that pave the way for brand growth and development. Artificial intelligence has the incredible power to collect, organize and analyze voluminous data to interpret them and gain significant results for formulating marketing strategies.

The usage of AI in digital marketing was minimal a few years back. But, today, digital marketing relies a lot on artificial intelligence. Features like the voice recognition of our phones to product suggestions on e-commerce platforms are all based on artificial intelligence.

AI in digital marketing helps in impressive data collection, assessment, and evaluation, which is difficult in any other way. These data interpretations are crucial bases for formulating company strategies and marketing policies. It helps brands better reach the target audience and retain the customer base over time. It predicts better results, helping to devise brand new marketing strategies that enhance profits and keep a brand ahead of its competitors. t has helped a lot in personalizing the customer experience and offering customized client services. This aids significantly in promoting brand loyalty and strengthening customer relationships.

Various new techniques, such as email marketing, AI-supported digital advertising, and content marketing, have bloomed better than ever, owing to AI in digital marketing.

Application of AI in Digital Marketing

There are a plethora of applications of AI in digital marketing. From interpreting customer information to predicting company growth in upcoming months, AI has found a way in almost every facet of digital marketing. However, some of the applications and usages are more pronounced than others. So let us have a look at some of them:

  1. Recognize and Analyze

    The core idea behind the enhanced usage of AI in recognition and analysis is customer-centered services. Today almost every other business house is trying to change their business models to customer-centric. The speediest and simplest way to achieve this is by altering the online interface of the business to a customer-centric one. AI in digital marketing can provide an ideal solution to making an online business interface and UI-UX customer-centric.

  2. Enhanced Shopping Experience

    AI in digital marketing relies on various tools and techniques to collect and analyze customer data to correctly recognize customer needs and craft an ideal shopping experience. For example, when you enter your skin type in any skincare brand’s e-commerce search tab, they store your skin type information on the database. Several AI tools will now use this data to recommend only the products applicable to your skin type. This way, your search becomes streamlined, and you lose less time and energy while shopping. This is an exceptional sales strategy. Also, AI in digital marketing can analyze which type of customers fairly visit a web page and predict efficient data reports based on it. In addition, the company can use these analytics to improve and modify its product lines.

  3. Artificial Intelligence to Combine AR and VR

    In today’s world, we are living a virtual life. With the technological shift, people cannot deny that smartphones, laptops, and gadgets have occupied a predominant position in their lives. To improve customer experience and make it engaging, interactive, and enticing, there is enhanced usage of AR and VR. There are various AR and VR tools, all of which are essentially based on AI, helping to revolutionize the overall digital marketing experience across domains. For example, most gaming commerce sites today use avatars for the players. AI in digital marketing helps the users experience and enjoy a virtual reality that gives them the same real-life vibe of the game.

    AR and VR technology redefines the prominent use of AI in digital marketing. They are vital tools for creating a stronger brand identity and amplifying the bonds of the brands with customers. These are crucial ways in which a customer knows more about the brand, explores the brand better, and becomes loyal to the brand in the long run. AR and VR are primarily targeted at making interfaces humane and less mechanical. Various brands have also used AR and VR as important sales factors. For example, spectacles brands now use the customer face image on a VR platform to help them try out multiple spectacle frames and make it easy for customers to choose wisely. These applications are also widely observed in cosmetics e-commerce that uses VR technology to assess customers’ skin tone and suggests foundation shades accordingly.

  4. Personalised Product Recommendations

    This is one of the widely used AI technology by brands to help the brands to serve their customers better. Brands understand what their customers are interested in based on their browsing history and buying behaviour.This helps in targeted marketing and also save a lot of time and money. 

  5. Application of AI Chatbots

    In recent years, chatbots have become most companies’ biggest customer service tool. Customer service systems based on AI chatbots have paved the way for an incredible service base. Now, customers can submit their service queries at any time, irrespective of the time zone difference across the globe. There is no need to wait for human customer representatives to answer the calls. Instead, there is a drastic reduction in inefficient customer service request processing time. The use of AI in digital marketing in the form of AI chatbots has replaced the traditional one-to-one approach of customer dealing with a one-to-many approach. This has saved time and operational costs and led to better resolution of customer grievances and faster response. Not only for processing service requests or addressing grievances, but AI chatbots are also widely used to communicate with customers over popular social media platforms like Whatsapp or Facebook. The sales copies and emails can also be sent through AI chatbots. The use of AI chatbots in digital marketing is a revolutionary change and modified the customer experience for the better.

  6. AI in Digital Advertising:

    AI can be used in Digital advertising in the following ways

    • Determine campaign goals
    • Gain insight into competitor ad spend, creatives, and strategies
    • Create ad copy
    • Create visual ad creative
    • Build richer audience profiles
    • Allocate advertising budgets, both across channels and audiences
    • Adjust advertising budgets automatically to hit KPIs
    • Find new advertising audiences and conversion opportunities
    • Hyper-personalize ad messages and images to individual consumers
    • Hyper-personalize ad targeting
    • Predict ad performance before launching campaigns
    • Programmatic advertising uses AI technology for media buying. The term programmatic relates to the process of how ads are bought and sold in the advertising space. Programmatic advertising differs from more traditional media buying methods in its use of automation. It analyzes many user signals to ensure that ads serve the right person, in the right place, at the right time.

Final Words

Artificial Intelligence tools have become much more accessible and affordable for business use. They are a valuable asset to digital marketers. AI tools influence customer choices, adopt the latest marketing strategies, and make shopping and selling relevant, streamlined and meaningful. From handling customer data to analyzing customers’ sentiments, AI can do it all and lead to remarkable business growth.

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