Are you wanting to get more subscribers for your YouTube channel? Here’s what you need to do:

Get the first 15 seconds right

The first 15 seconds of your video determine whether people will continue watching your video or quit it. One great way to hook people to your video is by making a great 15 second trailer in which you communicate a clear message.

Attract with a great thumbnail

Thumbnails are a static reflection of what your video is about, and are known to increase click rates significantly. If your video is whacky, make sure you have a thumbnail that reflects just that.

Create interesting playlists

Millennials love to binge. Thoughtfully created playlists ensure that users binge on your videos once they come to your YouTube channel.

Create amazing content

Though this is an obvious point, it also poses the biggest challenge. One way to create amazing content is by actually looking at your subscribers’ comments, which are a great way to know what people want to watch.

Be consistent

Remember two golden rules

  • Rule no.1 – Pick a day and post video on that day every week
  • Rule no.2 – Don’t forget rule no.1

Collaborate with other YouTube channels

Guest appearances are not just a favourite of Bollywood lovers, they are a hit among YouTube subscribers too! The math is also simple here – When you collaborate with another YouTube channel, you reach out to subscribers of that YouTube channel too!

Have a contest

Having a online contest lets you get people to subscribe to your channel, comment on your video, like your video or share your video – all of which are an absolute must!

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Wishing you a very happy new year!