Artificial Intelligence has transformed social media marketing and online branding to a large extent. It has streamlined marketing strategies and outlooks, from targeting the audience to analyzing their responses. Artificial Intelligence is the science by which machines are made more intelligent. By 2023, AI in social media usage is expected to reach $2.1 billion.

If you have not yet started leveraging artificial intelligence for your business, read on. You are about to learn more about AI in social media and how it can revolutionize your marketing strategies.

Use of Artificial Intelligence on Various Social Media Platforms

Currently, AI in social media usage is at its peak on the following platforms:

  • Facebook
    Facebook was perhaps one of the premier platforms that introduced Artificial Intelligence usage on social media platforms. They have actively implemented multiple AI-powered tools to improve the overall user experience.

    Facebook was also one of the first platforms that used Artificial Intelligence tools to create an engaging user browsing experience. Facebook suggests people and content to users based on their choices, web preferences, and browning pattern.

    AI helps Facebook serve its users better. Facebook marketing is the new sensation in online marketing, and most of its strategies are based on Artificial Intelligence tools.

  • LinkedIn
    LinkedIn is a purely professional space that uses Artificial Intelligence and machine learning extensively. LinkedIn uses various techniques of machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to sort out candidates based on the company’s specific needs.

    AI in social media platforms like LinkedIn helps its members to connect with suitable candidates for their businesses, while those looking for jobs locate suitable employers as per their qualifications. For example, AI-powered tools used on the platform suggest the candidate’s names in a priority hierarchy according to their job search status. In addition, it helps to create a pleasant and positive communicative environment between the job seeker and employer.

    LinkedIn also uses AI extensively for rating candidates’ performance. The entire information processing and sorting of candidate profiles on LinkedIn are done through complex AI algorithms.

  • Pinterest
    If you have visited Pinterest to find ideas for your new room decor or ideas for organizing your bookshelf, you just know how precise Pinterest is regarding suggestions. Pinterest will recommend and display only relevant results according to the searches, and this is done by none other than Artificial Intelligence tools.

    Pinterest analyses user sentiments and employs a specific neural networking tool to analyze user preferences and boost pins. This ensures you are not overburdened with irrelevant information when using Pinterest.

    Using AI in social media platforms like Pinterest is a perfect example of a streamlined search using AI.

  • Twitter
    Twitter is a platform known for using face detection, mitigating the use and spread of inappropriate images, and filtering inappropriate comments and posts. Who do you think does that?

    Twitter is a powerful social communication platform used globally to spread important messages. Therefore, filtering and monitoring Twitter content is of great importance. AI in social media platforms like Twitter helps detect fraud propaganda and do away with hateful accounts. Twitter also uses various AI-powered tools for face detection – a unique Twitter feature.

    You would love to use Twitter because of the numerous engaging features like reply suggestions while commenting on posts or answering a tweet. However, none other than Artificial Intelligence tools help Twitter to do so and provide an excellent user experience.

Various other social media platforms are using Artificial Intelligence in their daily functioning. These are:

  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Snapchat

Not only social media platforms, even your mobile phone uses Artificial Intelligence to recognize your voice commands and write based on what you speak with voice typing features. The core goal of Artificial Intelligence is to mimic human intelligence. Even the movies and series that Netflix recommends to you for binge-watching are all guided by AI-powered tools based on what genres you usually like to watch. Isn’t that incredible?

Benefits of Using AI in Social Media

After having learnt so much about how popular social media platforms use Artificial Intelligence and AI-powered tools, let us study the key benefits of using AI in social media platforms:

  • To Recognize Images
    Did you know that the world’s leading social media platform, Facebook (Meta), uses Artificial Intelligence to recognize your face in photos and suggest who you want to tag? Platforms like Snapchat use AI to study your facial specs and advise filters accordingly.

    The impact of using AI in social media is enormous. Facebook also uses various other tools to analyze inappropriate image content like nudity and prevent posting them on the platform. AI can, for example, predict and even recommend actions through image recognition and computer vision capabilities.

    Artificial intelligence has dramatically helped to prevent data and identity thefts. Apart from it, users can use platforms better when they know their data is secure.

  • AI-Powered Chatbots
    AI-powered customer service chatbots have escalated the automaticity of customer communication to a large extent. As a result, AI can help brands cater to their customer needs and queries better.

    AI in social media marketing is potent for answering customer queries precisely. It can simultaneously handle a large volume of data and offer tailored customer service. Businesses can now bid farewell to mismatched timezones and inefficient time loss in the case of human customer representatives.

    In this way, users can get instant problems to solutions, and their grievances are addressed more readily. AI-powered chatbots help provide optimum customer support and improve business quality.

  • Analyzing Sentiments
    AI is a highly beneficial tool for discovering brand new audiences based on recent trends and sentiment analysis. AI usage in social media marketing focuses on improving customer targeting and user customization. Artificial Intelligence can detect sentiments by listening to the voice of the user.

    AI uses the customers’ past browsing history, choices, and purchase history to improve the user-centricity of the websites and e-commerce sites. AI can also analyze users’ comments to predict how the user feels about the service. These are immensely useful for business modification.

    Making customer journeys hassle-free, tailor-fit, and smooth will improve brand loyalty and help create a solid customer base who shall keep returning to the brand. In a nutshell, Artificial Intelligence helps in refined content targeting.

  • Increased Security
    Artificial Intelligence helps social media platforms protect user data and enhance customer privacy. For example, AI checks, monitors, and improves security chains for the information that users post online.

    AI has introduced various techniques, such as pattern detection, fraud prevention, and user authentication, to enhance the security facets of social media. You can even use AI-powered tools to protect and lock various private information and content on your personal social media accounts.

How Artificial Intelligence Helps in Social Media Marketing

Artificial Intelligence helps social media marketers establish close bonds with customers and analyze their preferences. Data thus obtained are valuable indicators of brand performance and often shape product lines. Apart from the primary benefits of AI in social media mentioned above, there are certain secondary usages of Artificial Intelligence in social media marketing. These are:

  • Revenue Acceleration
    Artificial Intelligence uses the data obtained from social media to help customize a brand-appropriate strategy and thus gain maximum benefits. AI also helps to learn about various words, images, or tags that can generate maximum revenue.

  • Reduce Operational Costs
    Artificial Intelligence helps to reduce operating costs for social media campaigning. First, through automation of various intermediate tasks involved in social media campaigning of a brand, and second, by promoting effective marketing, thereby reducing unnecessary costs.

  • Overall User Experience
    Artificial Intelligence helps in customizing the browsing experience. Thus, artificial intelligence is a powerful tool to improve customer satisfaction and make interfaces user-friendly. Artificial intelligence uses complex algorithms to analyze user actions and recommend ads and products accordingly.

  • Content Testing and Optimization
    What attracts you to a social media ad? Mindful users are attracted mainly by relevant content, engaging visuals, and crisp information in any social media ad. AI technologies help to increase conversions through specific customer targeting by utilizing relevant digital copies. Based on the user’s previous performance and history, you can now offer personalized copies to the customers and guarantee conversions.

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