“OK Google, find me the cheapest flight between Mumbai and Bengaluru.”

“OK Google, find me trains between Bengaluru and Mysore.”

“OK Google, find me a KTDC guest house in Mysore.”

“OK Google, find me a taxi service in Mysore.”

“OK Google, how much time it takes from Mysore to Hampi?”

This is how a 65 year old lady planned for her trip to Bengaluru, Mysore and Hampi.

Not surprised? What if we tell you that she had never before, until this incident, planned any trip herself.

Still not surprised? What if we tell you that this was the first time she had used Google search.

Want to be surprised more? Before booking a hotel room for her stay in Mysore, the lady saw the photos and read all the reviews on Google. Then, she repeated this action set for booking a full time taxi for her 2 day stay at Mysore! 

This is not an isolated story. With Google Voice Search, the internet has become accessible to many people. Voice search has a virtual ZERO LEARNING CURVE and that’s what makes it a mass product.

Don’t believe us? Just observe young kids search the internet. Their search begins with ‘OK Google’. For surely, this will be a generation that will, in all probability, not even know how to search online using a keyboard. Voice search is all they’ll know. And, that’s what makes it mandatory for brands to take care of their rankings on voice search! If you think we are exaggerating, think how many 20 – 30 years old know the procedure to withdraw money from their bank branch? Withdrawal by an ATM card is all that they learnt and that’s the only way they think money can be withdrawn from their bank account.

As per Google, 20% of searches in India are already voice searches. And, this percentage is set to grow rapidly in just a few years. With Google adding vernacular language capabilities, the volume of voice searches will surely explode very soon. Thus, voice search is not something that brands can ignore anymore. Infact, voice search should be a clarion call for brands who wish to reach, connect and convert the next wave of internet users.

Getting ranked on voice search is not easy. But, you needn’t worry about it. All you need to do is schedule a consultation with us, and we’ll present our roadmap – Your brand in the world of voice. The time to make the move and gain the first mover advantage is now. Please reply to this Blog and we’ll get in touch with you.