Local Shopping goes Mobile

If the Sunday schedule of the domesticated & homely types in the species called “Husbands” could be stereotyped, then it would be definitely something like this:

Early Morning: The husband prepares the morning tea
Morning: The husband prepares the breakfast
Mid-day: The husband goes grocery & vegetable shopping and runs a few local shopping errands
Afternoon: Who cares? Sundays are never fun!


The polite peon – www.getmypeon.com

A question: When exactly in the history of the office world & culture did peons go out of relevance? The evolution of the office boy is perhaps a little fascinating. It was this little tea-time fun debate that made us Google for a peon service. And guess what? We did find one. But then later, we decided to do a quick Million Dollar Idea evaluation of this simple little online service – GetMyPeon