Itching to discover your city’s events? Here are the Apps for it.

On every weekend that turns out to be boring, we wish there could be more to entertainment beyond partying & cinema. On every shopping adventure that starts & ends at a mall, we wish there could be some quirkier stores that could take the shopping experience to a high. On every trip to any other city, we wish there were some local experiences that we could soak in. On every moment of boredom, we wish we could just discover our city better!

Local Shopping goes Mobile

If the Sunday schedule of the domesticated & homely types in the species called “Husbands” could be stereotyped, then it would be definitely something like this:

Early Morning: The husband prepares the morning tea
Morning: The husband prepares the breakfast
Mid-day: The husband goes grocery & vegetable shopping and runs a few local shopping errands
Afternoon: Who cares? Sundays are never fun!

The polite peon –

A question: When exactly in the history of the office world & culture did peons go out of relevance? The evolution of the office boy is perhaps a little fascinating. It was this little tea-time fun debate that made us Google for a peon service. And guess what? We did find one. But then later, we decided to do a quick Million Dollar Idea evaluation of this simple little online service – GetMyPeon