Reflexes and endurance to make you win digital combats in brand & business rivalries

Digital technology has changed the ground rules of corporate wars. At the start of the millennium, we saw advertising wars between Surf Excel & Ariel, between Sprite & Mountain Dew and between a few other leading brands as well. While the ads mocked at each other, the audience had a good time watching them, and the market share of each brand remained virtually unchanged.

These were not any ordinary campaigns, but ones that were backed with advertising budgets of colossal strengths. Why did these brands spend so heavily in mocking each other? Because the target audience connected with them for a limited time during evening prime time on television and through print ads in national & regional dailies. Beyond these touch points, lay the moment of ‘purchase’. Not anymore.

Today, corporate wars are no longer about television blitzkriegs only. They are about beyond the 30 second commercial and about gaining strong tactical advantages by connecting with the target audience in a manner that is more meaningful and value driven. Coca Cola’s Content 2020 strategy is an example of how digital technology has made the world’s most popular brand change its marketing vision & strategy. Learning from concepts of cognitive neurology, and leveraging the strengths of the digital medium, we present our super strong knock-out punches:

Punch 1:

Merge at-home, in-store, desktop commerce & mobile commerce into one tightly packed seamless medium

Punch 2:

Deliver strongly integrated marketing communications across all channels of discovery on the internet viz. search engines, social media and emails

Punch 3:

Create additional opportunities for the audience to connect with you especially for the moments when ‘purchase’ is not on their mind

In a real sense, our knock-out punch is about democratizing purchase i.e. allowing users to buy when they want, buy where they want & buy how they want.