Are our villages faring better than our cities in their understanding of the power of the internet?

Beyond the famed diversity, “Sanskriti & Sabhyata” and chaos, what else about India is making global waves? It’s Punsari. Wondering what it means? Well, Punsari is a village barely 100 kms away from city of Ahemdabad.

While the young sarpanch, Himanshu Patel, has transformed the village with CCTVs, water purifying plants, air-conditioned schools & wi-fi. If you are thinking Punsari is an isolated incident, then it’s best to rethink. Many other Indian villages are taking a digital leap to get connected to the world markets better. Malegaon village (in Sunnar taluka), near Nashik offers free wi-fi to the 7500 residents. The village panchayat feels that their young generation wants to learn, excel, explore new frontiers, build careers and believes internet to be the perfect door for all this young generation’s aspirations. Down south in God’s own country, the citizens of Trikaripur village in Kasaragod district also have access to wi-fi.

We believe that, as Indians, innovation is in our genes. Perhaps we don’t put the possibility of an agriculture or farm produce market place taking birth in one of such Indian villages. We keep our fingers crossed.


NDTV India

Times of India