Sometimes, it ails the most confident of us, this evil fear of experimentation. Here’s our compass to guide the digital voyages of your ideas, in vast expanses of the internet world.

Bravado easily comes while romancing the raw beauty of brilliant ideas. The romance, however, quickly fades away at the prospects of getting married to the world of operational realities. Such a marriage, even when it happens, is destined for a divorce. So, here’s our compass that will guide you to the right door:

Door 1: For the big fish

This is our door for the potentially million dollar idea. It could be an e-commerce portal with a difference, a new market place or anything else. Golden opportunity sure it is, but it’s only this Midas touch that can convert your idea into a gold mine.

  • Build a clear set of objectives. Don’t deviate.
  • Quickly launch the working product. Then keep testing, improvising & re-launching.
  • Set firm budgets of marketing. Serve your secret sauce well.
  • Scale up at a pace that becomes a challenge for anybody else to replicate.
Door 2: For the popular fishes

So, you are a company of fame & repute, wanting to adapt yourself to the digital world. It’s a complete transformation of outlook, a mint new vision that you wish to achieve. If we were you, we would bank on a few fundamentals:

  • Leverage the strong insight gained from our market research, but not get trapped in the vicious circle of market research >> strategy meetings >> consultant decisions.
  • Construct a strong roadmap. Mark milestones in sync with your vision.
  • Build a small team with clearly identified deliverable(s) for each team member. Be agile.
  • Construct a strong partnership with a digital agency. Co-create & innovate with them. Keep improvising.
Door 3: For a school of fish

When you are a company, just like many others, wanting to re-launch your corporate website or create a big bang around any of your campaign or business processes, then here’s what we would suggest:

  • Don’t just follow your competitor. Aim to innovate & set benchmarks. Improvise.
  • Identify all internal stakeholders. Filter their inputs to match the necessities of your target audience.
  • On the marketing front, establish your social lead. Take, may be, a leap of faith.
Door 4: For the pure exotics

You are the disruptive innovation that is a little ahead of its time. You are aiming to swim in a threatening environment where distracters & predators loom large. Stay confident, stay on course below:

  • Develop a prototype. Test & perfect it at a brisk pace.
  • Achieve financial freedom. Back yourself with an investor. Be patient.
  • Set clear deadlines for alpha & beta launches. Improvise.
  • Don’t ignore marketing. Set clear targets to be achieved.

Yes, each of the door talks about improvisation. And, it’s got to be, because improvisation is at the core of a well defined digital strategy. So, which ever your door, whatever your idea, align yourself in the right direction and soar high.