Every brand has a tentpole marketing moment – a peak moment in the year when the buzz runs high. Like vacation period for travel companies, IPL for consumer good companies, or the opening weekend for a film, learning to ride the tide during these noisy but critical moments can mean the difference between breakthrough sales or average sales.

Here’s how Pringle’s team aced their tentpole marketing moment – the Super Bowl, and it is a case study in learning what brands need to do to ace their tentpole marketing moment:

Go beyond focus groups to find marketing insights

You know the adage, “If you want to know how a lion hunts, don’t go to the zoo. Go to the jungle”. The Pringles team found their marketing insight on Youtube to discover a wealth of rituals existing around Pringles. They realised people loved playing ‘Guess the flavour’ by stacking different the uniquely shaped chips together. The Pringles team drew on this insight to create a campaign that inspired people to create virtually an unlimited number of flavour stacks.

Whet your idea

Laying the groundwork ahead of time can give you valuable insights and inform your next steps to cut through the noise. Pringles ran a series of 6 second bumper ads on Youtube to generate excitement, receive feedback and build momentum by hammering a simple call to action message – Stack up for the game. As people reacted positively to the creative, the Pringles team knew they were ready for the final blitzkrieg.

Make the most of tentpole moment by following your audience

When buzz peaks, amplification is the name of the game. The Pringles team amplified their message by following their audience on multiple mediums to effectively reach a wider audience by a simultaneous burst on TV, Youtube and social media. This helped the Pringles team reach millions of customers within a short time with great efficiency.
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