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India is the largest producer of movies in the world. It is also the largest in terms of ticket sales. So, we went around trying a few movie ticket booking apps, and we present you our conclusions.

First, the basis of evaluation:
If all the necessities desired out of any app could be broadly categorised, then we would classify them under 5 simple and fundamental questions below:

Who can use this app?

Is it only for android users or for users across operating systems?

When, in real time, can the app be used?

Can it be used to book tickets just 20-25 min before the show begins?

What number of theatres & multiplexes are listed with the app?

Are the options satisfactory or does it leave you high & dry with very limited choices?

How are visual design, navigation & user experience?

Is the app intuitive? Is it enjoyable every time we use the app? Is there anything that mesmerises us?

Where is the app available for use?

Is the list of cities the app serves comprehensive enough for a city mouse?

Each app was rated on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best.

movie booking apps infographic

And the winner is…

To be honest, we didn’t expect the other apps (even if they existed) to fair so brilliantly. Book My Show emerges as the clear winner, way ahead of the rest in the market. By showcasing movie trailers, the movie synopsis, and public review, it is a treasure trove of engaging content for the movie freaks. On the user experience, we particularly liked symbolic vehicles that are displayed when we key in the number of tickets. Quite brilliant we did say. Not only does the app have the maximum multiplexes listed, it also serves the maximum cities spread across India. As an extra added advantage, it also enables tickets for theatre, concerts & sporting events. To conclude, we did say that Book My Show is definitely one of the best Digital Properties in the Network 18 stable. Ticket New is a fresh wave of air and though it scores poorly on some parameters and stands a distant second, we are absolutely sure of it getting on par with Book My Show.

What, in the future, would we like to see on Book My Show?

For the price conscious consumer, it would be nice to have a filter that lists the theatres in the ascending/ descending order of their ticket prices. Additionally, it would be good if there could be some icon to indicate whether the theatre is a single screen entity or a multiplex.

Book My Show team, are you listening?