This is a visual world, and people respond best to visuals. No doubt, our visual sense is dominant over all other senses. While written content has its effects on people, visual content is more powerful and helps in better interaction. A one-minute video has more effect on the audience than reading a million words. This makes it all the more important for a business to have a brand video that will be comparatively more effective than reading content.

Beneficial Points of Including a corporate video for your business

  • Increase in Sales 

A video will directly help in improving your business sales. According to research, more than 70% of the customers buy a product after watching a properly and creatively explained video about the product. It will lead to an increase in sales, which is the primary goal of any business.

  • Building Trust

Gaining consumers’ trust is very important in business, and if you successfully win their trust, the consumers will come to you. Video content is a very good source of kindling emotions. When a business website adds an interesting promotional video for their product, it wins over the consumers and builds their trust. More than 50% of the consumers accept that after watching corporate videos, they feel sure that the product is right for them.

  • Good ROI

Many businessmen agree that they get a good Return on Investment through promotional brand videos. It is a one-time investment and gets stuck in consumers’ minds for a long time. 80% of the people admit that after watching a video, they could recall it even after a month. Moreover, with numerous editing features and applications, your mobile phone can do wonders with videos.

  • Explaining New Products

When a businessman tries to bring a new product to the market, a corporate video can be very helpful. You can explain the details about the product and how to use it in the video. In recent research, more than 90% of the consumers admitted that they have referred to the brand video to understand a product or service better. So, using a corporate video helps in winning the consumer.

  • An Attraction for Mobile Users

Today, with more people engaged in using mobiles and social media, the importance of video content needs no explanation. More than 90% of the people watch brand videos on mobiles than any other device. As smartphones are becoming more common, the videos will be more accessible to a larger audience which will eventually result in more consumers.

  • Link with Google

The major search engine of the internet, Google, works cordially with YouTube. At present, there are over 2 billion active users of YouTube on a monthly basis worldwide ( If you have a video attached to your business website, your chances of appearing on the first list of Google searches are more. It is not just about making a video anyhow and posting it. Adding some important keywords, titles, and tags will help improve your search engine ranking.

  • Encourages Social Sharing

Many businessmen understand that people like sharing emotional stories on social media channels. This is the best place for sharing worldwide. If you are creating a corporate video that has emotions attached, people tend to share it more. This, in turn, will make your website reach more audiences, thus increasing your consumers. Around 65% of the executives who see videos tend to return and visit the business website later. 

  • Good for Lazy Consumers

The world is progressing so rapidly that people do not have time to sit back and read long articles. They are always busy with no spare time. In this case, more than word content, it is the video content that will prove to be more effective. There has been an increase of an average person watching online videos from 84 minutes in 2020 to around 100 minutes daily in 2021 ( ). Even the laziest consumer would love to give a little bit of time to watch a video. So, business owners can benefit a lot by posting more video content.

  • Proof Testimonial

When you upload videos on a business website, you have to impress people to buy your service or product. There is nothing more approving than other consumers’ experiences and opinions about the same product. When people tend to hear about the credibility of your product from common people’s mouths, they will believe it and will consider trying it out.

  • Use Email Marketing Strategy

Nowadays, intelligent businessmen are trying this new way to communicate their messages and to give information about their products to their customers. They include a corporate video in the email of the customer. This has increased their click-through rate to almost 200%. This is the result of the growing interest of people in watching videos rather than reading content.

  • Video is everywhere

This is a world of videos. Having a corporate video will make sure that you reach millions of people in a moment. Video consumption has increased on an average by 32% annually from the year 2013-2018. With the whole world engrossed in mobile and Ipad, the first impression of your product’s video will either impress them or bore them. Therefore, it is crucial to be creative along with being descriptive enough to catch the viewer’s attention in your brand video.

  • User engagement

A common man with all his duties and responsibilities has increased his mobile engagement time from 88% to 100%. You can well imagine how good a chance you have in today’s world to bring your idea to life and show it to the world. An average person’s attention span is not more than 12 seconds. Therefore, you have 12 seconds to do the magic in your brand video and attract them. With increased user engagement, your videos have a better chance to reach them.

  • Better mobile experience

When you are making a video content and using creative tools and techniques to make it better, the consumer will enjoy a better mobile experience. It will be a pleasure to their eyes along with their exposure to new technologies. It will be a good experience to learn something new with mobile time spent well.

People notice several things in a video, but they might lose interest and miss out on things on reading content. Therefore, it is crucial to have a brand video for your business website as a marketing strategy. To help you with making a creative video for your brand, you can contact CCOM right away. They will take care of each of your needs and answer all your queries. CCOM uses the latest technologies that have attracted billions of users to watch videos. You simply need to contact them and tell them what you expect. You will not be disappointed.

Earlier, it was just the pictures that used to click and increase consumers and sales. But today, there are so many creative ways to make a video that the possibilities are endless. With CCOM, you will come across unimaginative ideas coming to life. Currently, when people are fighting this pandemic every day, videos are the best way of distraction at home. Clearly, making a brand video is the best way a business can promote its business, attract more customers, and increase its sales and revenues. So, just reach out to CCOM and get peace of mind.