Converting the nectar of idea into sweet sweet honey

Some nice food for thought

It’s the right buzzzzz!

And quite literally! The jungle of web is full of predators on the constant look out for their prey - the visitor’s innocent mind strolling through with some purpose which could be shopping, business search, an opinion, an advice etc. Compelling content is a friendly buzz that attracts the user with the promises of a super-sweet enjoyable honey treat and ensures the user comes back for more treats!

Collecting the nectar

To create & curate valuable content desires precise orientation. A flying visit to ideas & thoughts far & plenty gets rewarded with only a trickle of high quality nectar! But, that’s how honey is made. Content creation and curation is an arduous task fulfilled by an army of creative & hard working content writers!

The beehive of stellar ideas

If ideas are the nerve centre of the new economy, then content is surely the beehive of stellar ideas! The sweetness of high impact content generates high decibel word of mouth - a gold mine for any business!! Content is what keeps visitors on your website. It’s what gets you a fan base on Facebook and followers on twitter. It’s the mantra for getting an audience and keeping them spell bound!

Taking the honey dip

1) As a first, define what you wish to achieve a.k.a your goal. It could be brand awareness, lead generation, customer relationship or anything else.

2) Get to know the TG for your content. Stay focussed & firm to develop content on what the TG desires.

3) It would help to have a bucket list of ideas and a calendar of content targets

4) Test, curate the content format. Video, audio, plain text and rich creatives there’s plenty that can be done.

5) Take feedback and curate the content even further.


Content writing and development is a process of expressing the objectives of a business or service in a way that is easy to understand and assimilate. It is important because of the following factors:

  1. It helps convey the organization's goals with clarity
  2. Maintains parity in tone of language in semblance with thematic approaches
  3. Helps engage the TG
  4. Lends credence to the overall marketing strategy and its effectiveness, especially pertaining to websites and search engine optimization processes


Content writing and development involves the following stages:

  1. Collation of information
  2. Selection of channels
  3. Research and creation of structure
  4. Content writing and development
  5. Making sure that the content is in-tune with design
  6. Editing and proof-reading
  7. Release on various channels


Involves proof-reading, spelling and grammar corrections and maintenance of parity in tone of language.

Note: Does not involve new content writing and development.