Amalgamation of a strong network of institutions and users

Some nice food for thought

To get consumed, be visible

This is the ground rule! The internet is a vast ocean with strong currents that can easily drown even the best of the content. To swim effectively here desires great understanding of the environment and the challenges that it would pose. Psst! Billions of web pages and zillions of impressions - that’s kind of an ocean that internet is.

A few hubs and a plenty of spokes

Just like great cities of the world, the internet too has great hubs that are the centre of exchange for ideas & content. Netizens across the globe throng these sacred hubs in search of the content they desire. To impress the consumer and to get discovered, it’s important to be available on such great hubs.

Social media and the foot soldiers

Remember, strong content has great virility and can travel places across social media networks and all the way along get commented on & appreciated by the social networks who serve as the content’s foot soldiers! Ah, that’s when can say that something’s gone VIRAL!

Psst! This is one our favourite VIRALS! (Put a link of Kolaveri Di here)

We think that distribution is the vital ‘make or break’ for any content. If not strongly distributed, many a great content can lie under the debris of the common, the hackneyed and the clichéd!

Please note: We invest considerable time & energy mulling over the why(s), how(s) and where(s) of great content. You are ever invited for such discussions! So whenever you get the time, please do!.


Content writing and development is a process of expressing the objectives of a business or service in a way that is easy to understand and assimilate. It is important because of the following factors:

  1. It helps convey the organization's goals with clarity
  2. Maintains parity in tone of language in semblance with thematic approaches
  3. Helps engage the TG
  4. Lends credence to the overall marketing strategy and its effectiveness, especially pertaining to websites and search engine optimization processes


Content writing and development involves the following stages:

  1. Collation of information
  2. Selection of channels
  3. Research and creation of structure
  4. Content writing and development
  5. Making sure that the content is in-tune with design
  6. Editing and proof-reading
  7. Release on various channels


Involves proof-reading, spelling and grammar corrections and maintenance of parity in tone of language.

Note: Does not involve new content writing and development.