An assortment of sweet ideas for immortality of the brand

Some nice food for thought

The sweetness of HELP

Genuine help is always sweet, well appreciated and emotionally moving. For effective content marketing, brands need to swiftly move out of the cobwebs of SALES and look at their customers with a separate set of lens we call ‘HELP’.

A really long shelf life

It’s a widely known fact that honey in its pure form is practically ageless and never goes stale. And that’s how content marketing is - an eternal art of getting close to your TG. As content marketing is all about getting customers through ideas so compelling, it’s the form that ascertains fantastically long term relationships! Psst! Have you read about Coca Cola’s Content 2020? Read it straight away right here! (Put a Google Search here for the word Coca Cola Content 2020 Strategy

Genuine interest, high excitement & strong referrals!

The internet is full of mediocre advertising and we can guarantee it is mere mortal! Impactful advertising, as we all know, desires recurring opportunities of interaction with the customer. Opportunities wherein the brand can host & talk content so fascinating that it generates excitement referrals that are very strong Psst! With their employees as the focus, HSBC has created niche for them. See

Thinking about content marketing? Think this.

1) Stop your thinking at HELPING

2) Look at creating great STORIES

3) Keep the content extremely USEFULL

4) Stay focussed on what the customer WANTS and not on what you wish to SELL


Content writing and development is a process of expressing the objectives of a business or service in a way that is easy to understand and assimilate. It is important because of the following factors:

  1. It helps convey the organization's goals with clarity
  2. Maintains parity in tone of language in semblance with thematic approaches
  3. Helps engage the TG
  4. Lends credence to the overall marketing strategy and its effectiveness, especially pertaining to websites and search engine optimization processes


Content writing and development involves the following stages:

  1. Collation of information
  2. Selection of channels
  3. Research and creation of structure
  4. Content writing and development
  5. Making sure that the content is in-tune with design
  6. Editing and proof-reading
  7. Release on various channels


Involves proof-reading, spelling and grammar corrections and maintenance of parity in tone of language.

Note: Does not involve new content writing and development.