Marketing Challenge:
The Strategy :
  • Created a step-by-step plan to promote and execute 360 Degree digital activities.
  • Created a strong digital presence and kept the audience engaged during the sale to ensure that the orders continue till the last day of the sale.
Execution :
The Solution :
  • Going by the ideology of “skin in the game” for our client - Globus Fashion, we understood the customer behaviour & psychology.
  • The Creatives & Communications were precisely created for each set of target audience for the best results.
  • Each activity was micro-managed with a strict timeline & constantly monitored for the results & impact.
The Project Cycle :
The Result:
  • Better Communication – Our digital media activities multiplied and eased communication and information exchange between our client Globus Fashion and the target audience.
  • Faster and Efficient Feedback – All our activities were carried out timely. All feedback & problems were resolved promptly.
  • Increased Productivity – The effect of our digital advertising and marketing activities brought the highest peak in the orders for that year.
  • Higher Customer Satisfaction – Our engaging communication caused a huge growth in social media followers & brand advocates.
The Conclusion:

The campaign was Amazing.