The Idea:

India is currently in a lockdown. The fear of coronavirus, loss of business, loss of employment and financial insecurity is haunting all who have locked themselves down. During these trying times, the humble window of your home is your gateway to the world outside. And, when people look outside their windows, they are ignited by the promise of humanity winning this fight against the coronavirus. Philosophically, the humble window is symbolic of the hope & positivity that is keeping everyone’s spirits alive while being locked down in their homes. ‘The Window of Hope’ unity drive is an attempt to emotionally appeal and connect the target audience to inspire the fraternity with their positive thoughts & wisdom.

Marketing Challenge:
  • Increase brand awareness during intense conditions of COVID-19 in India.
  • Manage and optimize the digital presence of HunterDouglas India through Social media contest.
  • Maximize online participations of Architects & Interior Designers for the contest.
  • Engage the target audience on social media platforms and in the process increase brand awareness & brand affinity.
The Objective:
The Platforms:
  • Facebook - Increase awareness and interactions
  • Instagram - Maximise reach and engagement on the platform amongst architects and interior designers
  • LinkedIn - Increase awareness among professionals while also increasing engagement
  • Email Marketing - Reach out to the relevant architect firms and professionals for increasing participation
Social Media Posts
Whatsapp Marketing
The Result:
  • Interactions
  • Better Communication
    • Our digital media activities multiplied and eased communication and information exchange between our client HunterDouglas and the architects & interior designers across major cities.
  • Higher Customer Satisfaction
    • Our engaging communication caused a huge growth in social media followers & brand advocates.
The Conclusion: