Events, circumstances & mindsets pushing the shopping carts ahead with a blazing speed

The events

Flipkart – the poster boy of Indian e-commerce, Amazon, Snapdeal, Myntra, Jabong and a few other market leaders have scripted a golden chapter in the ‘buying behaviour of the value conscious Indian consumer’ by alienating the consumers from the necessities of touch & feel. By pampering the Indian consumer’s OCD (exchange & return), they have managed to create a warm & inviting e-commerce atmosphere! Man-oh-man, the Indian consumer has matured and haven’t these companies pulled a rabbit out of the hat?

The circumstances

Incredible smart phones sales (better than even the most positive estimates), deeper penetration of internet connectivity, availability of COD & better availability of plastic money has created a setting that’s perfect for the contemporary Indian youth! The shopping experience now is portable, relaxed, price authentic and yet diverse. That’s a great experience for all-day-shopping!

The mindsets

The Indian consumer has taken a plunge into an epic shopping adventure called ‘EXPERIMENTATION’. Lenses & eyewear, real estate, furniture and the list is endless - everything is expected to be available online. And if there’s nothing that can’t be bough online, there are a few categories (such as lingerie) that’ better bought online. And then there’s always the ‘discounts’ whose romantic charm never fails. The minds are so open, that on every click, the Indian consumer is expecting more & better exciting shopping adventures!

Our 3 point cheat-sheet to build the perfect e-commerce experience for your brand

1) Understand your secret sauce

2) Deploy a robust technology platform (psst! with a 600 point checklist, we can guarantee we have mapped all possible business scenarios in the most comprehensive manner)

3) Chart out the marketing strategy

Psst! For an interesting & intellectual discussion, we propose we meet over some hot coffee. Just let us know a good time to do so.

Creative Theme, Design Mock-up(s) and User Interface

The creative theme and design mock up are central to the overall look and feel of the project. For the website to match the expected outcome, a detailed process is followed. As this part sets the roadmap for the project, it desires minute level planning and resource allocation.

This part of the project is very comprehensive, requires multiple meetings with all stakeholders and key project executives.

HTML Development, Coding and Design Integration

This stage of the project shall commence after all the necessary approvals for design have been received for the client.

HTML development, coding and design integration require high levels of internal co-ordination. As a standard process, no changes in the scope of the project shall be encouraged, once this stage commences.

Testing and Quality Assurance

To enable a safe alpha launch, a comprehensive testing process has been developed that comprises the following:


The maintenance phase seeks to ensure extended support environments and begins immediately after the project has been handed over to the client.