We have a very distinct DNA, different from those of typical agencies.


We started this journey when the dread of Y2K loomed large. Our experience, so far, reminds us of a very nostalgic incident in the history of Indian cricket. Under overcast conditions, on 18th June 1983, India’s captain Kapil Dev walked into to bat against Zimbabwe, when India was 5 down for a meagre 17 runs on the board. In what was to become one of the best innings in the history of ODI cricket, Kapil smashed an unbeaten 175 parked the team to safety and then bowled very economically to win the crucial encounter for India. In the context of Indian cricket, Kapil’s innings defined the eminence of the ‘all-rounder’ who could sway the match with a good performance with both the bat & the ball.

As we observe, the new digital economy is pretty much about being an all-rounder. It takes a very good performance with technology and with experience & visual design to succeed in the game of digital business. To be very specific, it is this all-round performance that we bring in. Our work experience in engineering & marketing management has helped us develop this delicate balance. Be it a listed company, a start-up & or an individual entrepreneur, we can guarantee our all round performance no matter how the playing conditions are!