Boy oh boy, aren’t they the new sunshine?

The whiff of a pleasant breeze...

A strong wind of smart-phones has shaped a new landscape and a gentle breeze of apps is now refreshing the world of possibilities.

It’s raining cats & dogs! Has the app-cloud burst?

Our weather forecast said ‘yes’ and there’s a torrent of apps happening! Health apps, payment apps, browsing apps, shopping apps, utility apps...the count is more than 2 million! Apps are the largest reported weather phenomenon in the technological world!

A barrage it is, but there’s a silver lining as well...

The umbrellas have always been out. Raining it might be, but scanty numbers of app-phones or smartphones host more than four 3rd party apps. We know plenitude leads to ignorance, making discovery all the more important.

And, an ever-enjoyable spring!

There’s a general consensus that apps are the most pleasant of all technological seasons (other seasons of the mobile world: digital camera, media players, wi-fi & web browsing), as the harvest of creativity from 3rd parties has been a bumper!

The weather’s showing a strong pattern. Mobile apps are the new sunshine, lending the warmth of comfort & the setting of convenience for a congenial climate of utility, fun & enjoyment. Better the utility, better is the amount of warmth an app is going to get back. Our forecast says, the breeze of apps is for here to stay!


The creative theme and design mock-up are central to the overall look and feel of the project. To make sure that the mobile application matches the expected outcome, a detailed process is followed. As this helps setting the roadmap for the project, it entails that one undertake minute levels of planning and resource allocation.

This part of the project is very comprehensive, requires multiple meetings with all stakeholders and key project executives and comprises the following steps.

  1. Client briefing
  2. Narrowing down on creative theme
  3. Developing content and mobile app architecture
  4. Ascertaining technical requisites and specifications
  5. Creating mobile app wireframes
  6. Creating design mock-up(s)


This stage of the project shall commence after all the necessary approvals for design have been received from the client.

HTML development, coding and design integration require high levels of internal co-ordination. As a standard process, no changes in the scope of the project shall be encouraged, once this stage commences.

  1. Software Development


To enable a safe alpha launch, a comprehensive testing process will be developed and tested.


This phase seeks to ensure extended support environments and begins after the project has been handed over to the client.

  1. Upkeep
  2. Enhancements
  3. New Development