we brew refreshing digital experiences to make you a favourite in the world of brand tasting

Getting you deeply invested in the minds of your TG

We focus on interesting those who enjoy intellect & business, enabling your brand to rise in appeal, prominence & preference in your TG’ mind. In today’s world of failing brand loyalties, making a strong impact is even more important.

Enlivening the digital brand experience

Though a cliché, this holds true. The modern website design for corporate, product & brand is a fast evolving creature, fighting with rival brands for occupying ‘the space’ in the minds of the TG.

Spicing up your SECRET SAUCE

Your secret sauce is tastier when served with the delightful sentiments, capable of shepherding TG to the desired ‘action areas’ via its intuitive digital design.

Earning equities of rewards

Fruitful business relations are the derivatives of intellect & business focus. Very satisfying & extremely rewarding, they are the dividends of deep investments made in our TG’ mind

We believe that every corporate website, brand website or a product website is a new entrant in an overly communicated and crowded ‘MIND’ of the TG. So, we build digital experiences on a simple premise, ‘stand out on visual design & speak out on secret sauce’. On a final note for all such journeys we can rightfully say that, from our premise to the final form, they are as enjoyable as is the final outcome for the TG.

Creative Theme, Design Mock-up(s) and User Interface

The creative theme and design mock up are central to the overall look and feel of the project. For the website to match the expected outcome, a detailed process is followed. As this part sets the roadmap for the project, it desires minute level planning and resource allocation.

This part of the project is very comprehensive, requires multiple meetings with all stakeholders and key project executives.

HTML Development, Coding and Design Integration

This stage of the project shall commence after all the necessary approvals for design have been received for the client.

HTML development, coding and design integration require high levels of internal co-ordination. As a standard process, no changes in the scope of the project shall be encouraged, once this stage commences.

Testing and Quality Assurance

To enable a safe alpha launch, a comprehensive testing process has been developed that comprises the following:


The maintenance phase seeks to ensure extended support environments and begins immediately after the project has been handed over to the client.