An open sky for our opinions to fly, no matter where, how and why!

Where, we spend a lot of time on things that matter to us

Where, we spend a lot of time on things that matter to us It could be about a comment by an eminent citizen, it could be about an achievement that has done our nation proud or it could simply be a trivial matter of speculation within a closed group, but opinions are opinions! They ought to be shared, heard & debated. Social media (read facebook) has helped us overcome a huge social fracture by offering a platform where we can voice our opinions! Psst! Read the most psychological aspect of facebook in our case study – Let’s Repeat

Where the weakest go to the wall (quite literally)

and create quite a big fall (quite literally again)... Facebook, blogs, youtube & forums have empowered online activism & citizens & citizen journalists like never before, breaking the strangleholds of state controlled media houses & publications. Psst! Have we forgotten the April 6 Youth Movement (
Movement) during the Egyptian Revolution of 2011?

Where no one is a stranger!

And it’s easy to see why: Because there’s a constant relay in which batons of opinion, thought, advice & support are exchanged at a hyperbolic rate between users who feel, get & stay connected with a common thread. So, by allowing us to reply to any tweet of our favourite personality, Twitter bonds users through ‘direct talk’ with personalities we wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to connect with. When we drop our CVs through a network on LinkedIn, we feel the comfort of being known & having been introduced to. 6 degrees of separation it might be today, but tomorrow will be another day and lesser degree of separation!

Which suits every taste & occasion!

With all, from public matters to personal matters, ending up on social media, we are becoming an open book for the world to read & to write on. From a causal update to one on ‘relationship’, social media is the ‘go-to’ for the vastness of concept called ‘LIFE’!

Caution: A good social media engagement & marketing strategy demands more than mere presence on facebook, twitter, linkedin, blog, pintrest & youtube. Read our case study ‘Network Theory’ to gain a wonderful perspective.


Social media marketing can lead to more customers, increased in-bound traffic, better search engine rankings, brand recognition and brand loyalty.


  1. Social Media Content Strategy
  2. Monthly Calendar Preparation
  3. Social Channel Account Set-up
  4. Website Social Media Integration
  5. Photo Gallery and Video Gallery Updates / Month
  6. Community Building
  7. Strategic Social Group's Targeting
  8. Spam Control
  9. 6 Status Posts with Creative
  10. FB Tab Creation
  11. Analytics and Reports
  12. Analysis and Optimization
  13. Engagement Activities / Month (Contests/Polls/Surveys/Games)
  14. Social Media Ad Campaign Management