An old world charm to rise up in the digital world.

Old is still gold

Press releases have been one of the back bones of marketing and today still are! Yes, there is a rapid transition from the print medium to the digital medium, but the essence of press releases still remains the same. A good press release still manages to effectively peddle the news to the TG.

The envelope of story

No press release is only as good as its story! That’s the fabric taking the burden of lifting up the news high up in the skies to the desired vantage point. Let’s not forget, a good story always manages to set the PR right!

The buoyancy of hot air

If story is the envelope, then the sheer number of online publications where the press release is published is the hot air that gives buoyancy and lifts it up. For a digital press release, a clever calendar of getting published on the right media, at the right time, is the key.

Rising up, getting heard & read

Finally the finesse is in steering it right, taking it the release high up to the vantage point that enables our TG to spot, read, share & talk about the release.

Press is one of the pillars of democracy, and there isn’t a bigger democracy than the world of internet. As long as the internet stays democratic, the presses (online press publications) are going to play an important & responsible role.