Who should you be online?

stop snooping on competitor’s website & succeed by adopting the apt idiosyncrasy from below.

The website as a concept is constantly evolving, becoming ever more fluid & free flowing. As a medium, the website has become more experimental. The world has a population of 7 billion and we all know the kind of rat race we all compete in. Imagine then, what it could be to live the life of a webpage with an estimated 40 billion inhabitants to compete with! With some exaggeration even if we were to conclude that a million websites look & feel the same, we would still have 400 different options to try out. Now, this can bring in serious identity crises! There’s little doubt that in the world of online brand rivalry, any identity crises is enough TNT to cause an implosion!

In this perspective essay, we have recognised a few identities and listed down their idolatry idiosyncrasies of these adorable characters!

Where being idiosyncratic is being intelligent & communicative

When you are a very large MNC operating in many countries across the globe, you are obliged to communicate tons of compliance data, stock information, CSR activities and many more things. For this our approach is to adopt the idiosyncrasy of an elephant. Here’s how...

  • Build a family of websites a.k.a build websites with country specific domains
  • Awe visitors by the size & scale of the website. Every word of communicable content should find its place on the website
  • Have a large appetite as every function such as job openings, press releases, news & media, CRM etc. should get incorporated in the website

When idiosyncratic behaviour means being friendly, loyal & cute

So, you are a consumer focussed company aiming to permanently settle down deep in the minds of the millions of consumer. Then, we seek inspiration from the ever lovable dog and in the following way

  • Be the best company to spend time with by having an amazingly fresh & friendly user experience design.
  • Let your ideas & thoughts begin with customers and end on them too. Any new feature, any new aspect has to be entertaining to the customer
  • From time to time, bring these small little features to attract the attention of the customers and get labelled as ‘really cute’

Where speed, grace & beauty define your idiosyncrasy

You are product/ brand and ever since you were born, have been bred on this single word “Numero Uno”. So, gallop your minds at the speed of horse and stay ahead by

  • Being very impressive. Be the most beautiful & attractive amongst all. Just a single look from all visitors should get their eyes firmly cemented on you
  • Staying highly agile, fast & competitive. By setting new design standards & trends, don’t let any challenger to get even remotely close to you
  • Exciting the user with these short little rides. Host great stories & compelling content that make the users love you and coming back for more

By being possessive & choosy, you air your idiosyncrasy

First things first, you appeal only to people of a certain strata, either by your virtue of being very luxurious/ high-end or being a very niche idea. For getting admired, adopt the idiosyncrasies of the cat

  • Not everybody gets your attention. Build a unique experience & visual design that appeals to a select few to indicate your “choice” of visitors
  • Stay very possessive. Don’t let your favourites be taken up by other cats. Pamper your admirers with periodical love & affection through customised offers & promotions
  • Be sharp & shrewd. Keep raising your experience design quotient to higher levels of appeal & likeability, but only for your chosen set of admirers!

By defining usefulness, you carve out your idiosyncrasy

It is about being straight to the point. Your wool is your strength and it is all about you getting liked for that. You are a need of your users, so keep them hooked by idolising the sheep

  • Your secret sauce is your wool. Every aspect of your website viz. design, content & technology should happily convey your secret sauce
  • There would be other sheep, but your wool should certainly be the best. So investments in design, content & technology should strengthen the appeal of the wool
  • Stay away from the herd. Think beyond the ordinary for all aspects of the website