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The Exponential Rise of Digital Marketing In The Pharma Industry

When you talk to pharma marketers, they will always say that digital marketing is challenging for the pharma and healthcare industry. And, they have reasons for their belief. First, pharma and healthcare sectors are among the most regulated, which restricts your marketing efforts in unique ways. Second, pharma companies also compete with medical advice websites which have conflicting information. And third, is the general trust deficit that consumers have on such the pharma and healthcare industry.


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The Silver Lining For Pharma Companies In The Coronavirus Dark Clouds

The ‘Exit China’ mantra is an open international secret now. As per some reports, more than 1000 firms are mulling shifting their production to India. The Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways and MSMEs Nitin Gadkari is estimating an investment of ₹25 lac crores to come into India’s manufacturing sector. Apart from manufacturing, we see a thick silver lining for Indian pharmaceutical companies.