Baby boomers – the generation born between 1940s and mid 1960s lived in an age when there was no on-demand media. If they missed out an episode of their favourite show, they had to wait for a rerun or, even worse, just miss it altogether. As a result, many baby boomers are becoming cord-cutters and embracing platforms like YouTube, and here are the 3 most common reasons they are doing so:

Baby boomers turn to YouTube to save time

The desire to save time explains why baby boomers are 1.3x more likely to prefer watching a YouTube tutorial than reading instructions.

Baby boomers turn to YouTube to get help and learn something new

It is expected of older people to ask their adult children to teach them about technology & gadgets. But baby boomers are now finding the same information on Youtube. In a survey it was found that 1 out of 3 baby boomers uses YouTube to learn more about a product or a service.  

Baby boomers log onto YouTube for entertainment and news

Similar to Gen-X, Gen-Y and GenZers, baby boomers are watching TV recaps, highlights and their favourite shows on YouTube. An increasing number of baby boomers now miss their favourite shows that come late in the night, and prefer to catch them on YouTube the next day. News & music were other categories which features in their most watched list.
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3 Unexpected Reasons Baby Boomers Are Turning To YouTube