YouTube has probably become one of the most shining platforms for content creators across the globe. With the advent of youtube as a successful media platform, almost every other entertainment sector suffered a setback. With millions of content creators manifesting the best of their creativity in the forum, youtube has attained terrific acceptance and popularity in recent years.

In a world that loves picture-perfect entertainment, youtube videos are perfect for that. Successful YouTubers have millions of fans waiting for them to upload content. But what do you think distinguishes a successful video from a not-so-successful one? A quality video should be informative, engaging, visually appealing, have excellent background music, and be audible,

The use of AI in creating videos for YouTube is one of the trending practices. With the optimum utilization of AI in YouTube Advertising, there can be a significant boost in traffic and customer engagement. High customer engagement is a way toward improved revenues and turnover.

Now, let us briefly glance at some of the prominent and most-preferred AI video generators:

Best AI Video Generators

Glia Cloud

It is a highly preferred and popular AI-powered video generator that global content creators widely use. The best part about Glia Cloud is that the interface is seamlessly easy. A novice with zero ideas about video creation and editing can use Glia Cloud without difficulty and get the best videos crafted. Using Glia Cloud, one can create premium videos in a short time. Glia Cloud is well known for its effectiveness in creating highly enticing videos.


If you are one of the creators who use regional languages in their videos but want to reach a wider audience, Synthesia is all you need. With provisions to create videos in over 50 languages, this is especially popular for creators who make videos in regional languages. Synthesia is mainly used by business houses to create engaging video content for their brand’s advertisement. Synthesia offers many amazing templates and custom avatars that video makers can use to create compelling videos.


Widely used by video marketers, InVideo is an AI-Powered video generator with plenty of unique features that can help create high-quality videos. The pre-existing templates for videos act as a help to novice creators. At the same time, one can use the millions of images, stock videos, and available to make the videos appealing through the InVideo application. The completed videos can be directly exported to social media platforms.

Synths Video

Content creators generally use Synths Video to convert blog posts into entertaining and engaging videos that will grab customer attention and enhance the traffic. Various AI tools are a part of Synths Video, and one very popular one is the creation of Avatar, which gives a feeling of virtual reality. It is widely used as a platform to use AI in YouTube Advertising. A user does not need prior knowledge about automation or video creation to use this application. It comes with a seamless and hassle-free user interface.


This is known for the infinite customization opportunities that it offers. The video has various aspects that one can customize using this application. It is a powerful AI tool to create social videos that carry a message. Because you can almost customize and change every aspect of the video, right from text, color, font, and add music using this application, it is almost like a creator’s heaven. Content creators can add their personal touch to every video through VEED.IO. Also, it is accessible to nearly anyone and everyone with basic computer skills.

Lumen 5

Lumen 5 has a high potential if used properly. There are many features in this application, and if a creator can explore all and use them optimally, something magical can be created. Most brands use this application to create visual stories that have impactful messages. Using Lumen 5, captivating cinematic stories can be made that shall engross the viewers to indulge in the brand. The musical effects created through it are phenomenal and are widely used by famous brands to establish their presence on social media.


Creating engaging videos for social media can be a challenge because there are multiple factors to consider. The videos have to be relevant as well as short and crisp. It should also carry a message and come with a call to action. Pictory is a great application that can serve almost all domains with perfection. It is widely used to customize and edit long videos into short, enticing videos uploaded on social media. It is indeed a favorite of many social media content creators. Pictory is widely used to enhance the brand reach and is pretty easy to use.

Want AI to help you with quick, easy, and hassle-free video generation? is all you need. It creates entertaining and impactful videos for almost all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Tik Tok. offers ample scope to creators to customize and change their videos to suit the users’ needs and has more than 20 language options.


Want to make your videos better, grasping the users’ attention from the beginning to the end? Then Wisecut is all you need. Add your favorite background music and edit the videos at their best with Wisecut. The impressive auto-translation feature of this application has made it a hit. It is extensively used for creating entertaining videos by creators across the world. Unleash your natural creativity with Wisecut.

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