With the global digital explosion, marketing has evolved too and online advertising has become the core of business, especially relevant for start-ups. In an attempt to mentor the new entrepreneurs and upcoming brands on this immensely important concept, C Com Digital, the leading techno digital marketing agency in Mumbai, recently held two insightful sessions by Chandan Bagwe, Founder and Managing Director of the company.

The events took place at the popular coworking spaces- 91 Springboard and Regus on 12th and 18th October and both saw an overwhelming response from the attendees.
A successful entrepreneur himself, Chandan has taken C Com Digital to the pinnacle in just two decades, after launching it in 1998, riding on his well-structured strategies and strong analytics. Basing on his powerful insights, the company achieved high growth. With his pin-pointed focus on digital publicity of the brand through content curation and creation, influencer marketing, digital public relations, and widespread distribution of varied content on digital platforms including social networks, search and OTT, C Com digital has paved the way to the peak of popularity in recent times.

Contextual advertising, the path to impactful business: Chandan Bagwe guides Entrepreneurs & Start-ups

In these two recent wonderful sessions at Regus and 91 Springboard, Chandan explained in detail why contextual advertising is highly relevant and need of the hour for every marketer, start-up or upcoming brand. He focused on nuances of digital marketing ranging from- understanding how to use hyper local advertising for business growth, the method of increasing ROI through targeting relevant audience and reducing advertising spill over to highlighting the huge impact of contextual advertising and reaching the right people leading to proper penetration of the market. The sessions
saw elaborate, in-depth presentations on the same, through case studies and interactive sessions, that hugely helped the attendees in shaping up their knowledge base.

The events also shared C Com digital’s impactful journey to become the leading techno digital marketing agency of the city under Chandan’s expertise and well-curated content strategies that reached the right audience at the right time. This worked well to inspire the startups and new brands, waiting to penetrate the market in wholesome manner.

Contextual advertising, the path to impactful business: Chandan Bagwe guides Entrepreneurs & Start-ups